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Welcome! A Note from Dana, Whole Body Barre Owner

Welcome to Whole Body Barre! I decided to add the Barre Studio to my Pilates business next door, Whole Body Pilates, because I felt the clients would benefit from multiple types of movement in their weekly routines. I love Pilates and have taught it for a long time, and I’ve always recommended that my clients find the pieces that Pilates didn’t offer in other parts of their fitness regimens. The classes we offer in the new studio address those needs. 

People often ask what the differences are between each type of exercise. Pilates equipment classes give the client a great core workout and added weight-bearing. Because the machines help you establish proper body positioning, they can also help those who have been injured or are coming back to working out after a break. Barre classes offer a whole-body workout that gives the client a good cardio boost and uses free weights and bands to tone and strengthen. Yoga focuses on both stretching and balance. Pilates mat classes teach great core-strengthening fundamentals that you can take home and work on every day. And personal training classes are an excellent way to add strength.

Each of our classes is designed to give you a comprehensive focus and address all your individual needs. And because all our classes are small, you’ll get all the individual attention you need from your instructor, when you need it.

Whole Body Barre offers about 25 barre classes a week, 10 yoga classes, five Pilates mat classes, and five personal training classes. On the Whole Body Pilates side, we offer about 30 classes a week on a variety of Pilates equipment. 

We hope to see you soon!  Please call the studio with any questions or drop by and say hello!